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I grew up in Cincinnati, OH and went to high school in Valencia, CA. With my best friend from high school, I went back East to attend Harvard College, where I worked hard, had a lot of fun and got involved in a variety of theatrical and cultural activities.


After graduation, with deferred admission to Harvard Law School, I went to New York to pursue acting, scared myself out of it and became a paralegal instead so I could figure out if I wanted to practice law at a big New York firm. Somehow being a paralegal didn't deter me, so I went back to Cambridge for law school and for the first time, really became politically active.


In law school I was involved with a variety of groups, including the Coalition for Civil Rights, which sued the law school for discriminatory hiring practices for their lack of any tenured female professors of color. Despite all that, they let me graduate and I joined the Boston firm of Widett, Slater & Goldman as a litigation associate.  After an attempted merger and subsequent dissolution of the firm, someone asked me what I liked about law, and when I told them, they said: "You like acting in a courtroom. Go act!" I thought and prayed about it long and hard, then decided to pursue acting professionally. I got my SAG card in Boston and then moved back to New York (where I was also licensed to practice law), and did a lot of off-Broadway and regional theatre and toured internationally with the Gospel musical, “Mama, I Want to Sing!”

I realized with all my studying, I had not had a chance to study theatre full-time, so I auditioned for one-year programs in the U.K. and decide to go to The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art for a classical theatre program. It was a great, rigorous program where I made a lot of life-long friends and learned a great deal about acting in general, and classical theatre in particluar. Once I finished the course, I returned to New York, but my best friend (yes, the same one from high school and college) convinced me to move out to Los Angeles, and that's where I am today!


I feel blessed and honored to be able to pursue my passion as my career and to be surrounded with friends, family, and my church family, all of whom nurture and encourage my numerous artistic pursuits. I thank and praise God for all He is doing and I'm looking forward to whatever is next! 



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